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I came across inSSIDer from Metageek today, there is a free version up for grabs.

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SSD on SATA 1 controller

Here is an interesting thread on Anandtech forums, on the value of installing a new generation SSD drive on an older SATA laptop.

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Problems with IOS 5 – battery drain and low memory.

IOS 5 has really knackered my iPhone (battery drain) and iPad (low memory); I found this wonderful blog post on battery life and this follow up on calaccessd (calendar daemon that was eating up all my memory) that really seems … Continue reading

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For those of you in England, you can find a fair bit of information about your broadband by accessing this site here.

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Certificate issues (Godaddy and Exchange 2010).

A while back I purchased a UCC/SAN certificate from GoDaddy for use with Exchange 2010.   This morning I added another SAN entry to the certificate and realised that process involved revoking the existing certificate.  Too late, I had initiated the change and … Continue reading

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Virgin 50Mb Service

Here is a very informative post on the power level and SNR requirements for your 50Mb Virgin Modem. If you want some test downloads you can pull some game demos directly off the Virgin Media servers. You can use something … Continue reading

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TVersity and MKV files

I recently purchased a HP ProLiant Microserver to use a media server at home.  I tried TwonkyMedia player but it doesn’t stream to ipads and doesn’t work with MKV files so I purchased TVersity and played with that.  I found … Continue reading

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Various storage calculators

While it is not exactly complicated to work out for yourself, here is a site with some handy little utilities for working out how long a file transfer would take at a given speed.

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NAP 802.1X Configuration Walkthrough

I found a great walkthrough for configuring NAP 802.1x on ProCurve Switches and Windows Server 2008. In particular the following tip is very useful… “*Tip* – if you also install the “Health Registration Authority (HRA)”, this is used only if … Continue reading

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Security Focus Vunerablilities Bug Track database

A very useful site here for understanding existing vunerabilities. A colleague of mind, used this site to find an exploit to reset a locked out Administrator password. The actual exploit he used can be found here. To use the site, … Continue reading

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