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VMware Disk Performance cont…

Continuing the theme on VMware SAN disk performance, I came across this VMware performance white paper on Scalable Storage Performance. A very good thread on disk performance can be found here.

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VMware Disk Performance – tracking with Virtual Center.

You can use Virtual Center to track performance by creating custom charts, you can see how here.

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NFS and IP-Hash loadbalancing

Frank Denneman wrote a great article on how VMware IP Hash and Loadbalancing actually works. I came across the above article by reading about Standby NICs and Load Balancing from see here.

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Sample configuration of EtherChannel / Link aggregation (LACP) with ESX and Cisco/HP switches

This article describes concepts, limitations and sample configurations of link aggregation / NIC Teaming / LACP / Ether-Channel connectivity between ESX and Physical Network Switches, in particular, Cisco and HP.

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A “Multivendor Post” to help our mutual NFS customers using VMware

Taken from Virtual Geek, see here for an excellent article on all things NFS.

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